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Piling & Pier Nautical Lights

Looking for a nautical light to go on top of your dock piling or front column pillars? Nautical home lighting has a huge selection of marine grade piling and pier lights.

  • Belfast dock light Belfast nautical dock light

    Belfast European Bronze Piling Dock Light

    A truly wonderful recast solid marine grade bronze navigation/piling light. This beautiful all marine grade bronze light weighs approximately 15 pounds and has a solid glass fresnel lens. The top of the light has Belfast cast on the domed portion...

    MSRP: $748.99
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  • coastal brass dock light European brass piling dock light

    Brass European Nautical Piling Pier Light

    Solid brass European nautical piling dock light.  Solid brass construction with heavy duty frosted lens. Super high quality. Height: 10 1/2" high Width: 9 5/8" Base/mounting base: 5 3/8" Frosted lens.  Perfect for your high end dock...

    MSRP: $962.99
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  • brass nautical round dock light brass piling dock light

    Brass Round Nautical Ship Light

    Solid marine grade brass round nautical ship's style light.  Perfect for your pilings on your dock or ceiling/wall mount on your house on the water. Solid heavy duty brass round top light. Perfect for the top of your pilings or wall mounting...

    MSRP: $748.99
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  • double pier piling light double stack piling light

    Bronze Nautical Piling Dock Light-Double stack

    A beautiful genuine solid Bronze marine grade pier piling light with DUAL 360 degree fresnel all glass lens. Both glass fresnel lens' are stepped to provide a wide array of light with a low amount of power. This dock light does not have a cheap plastic...

    MSRP: $1,069.99
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  • pedestal nautical dock light coastal nautical dock lights

    Bronze Pedestal Piling Dock Light- XL

    Extra large nautical bronze pedestal dock light with tops prism glass. A huge Bronze Extra Large Pedestal Light with 360 degree fesnel lens. The lens is stepped to provide a wide array of light with a low amount of power. This would be perfect for dock...

    MSRP: $1,388.86
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  • chrome oval nautical dock light chrome nautical dock light

    Chrome Oval Nautical Dock Light- Medium

    Solid brass nautical clam shell oval nautical dock light that is chrome plated. A nice grid pattern grill and solid glass prism lens. Prism lens keeps the bulb hidden. Sold with a socket and no wiring. Optional wiring available. Please specify if the...

    MSRP: $481.49
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  • Coast Guard Bronze Nautical Pedestal & Pier Light

    Coast Guard Bronze Nautical Pedestal & Pier Light

    A super rare and limited edition recast Coast Guard style pedestal marine dock light. Solid glass fresnel lens with full gaskets. Perfect for full exterior use and this light will stand up to the harsh salt water environment!  ...

  • copper nautical light copper ship anchor light

    Copper Anchor Lantern-Extra Large

    An Extra Large Copper Anchor Lantern. We have some in highly polished form and some in patina finish. These are perfect for your cupola, widow's watch, front entrance or even front entrance way pillars.   Approximately 22" high (not counting the...

    MSRP: $1,067.86
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  • copper nautical landscape light copper hooded dock light

    Copper Hooded Landscape Nautical Light

    Copper Hooded Landscape Nautical Pathway Light NOW IN STOCK! The round mounting base is 3" in diameter or you can install over a 1/2" NPT threaded existing pipe. A nice decorative heavy duty copper and bronze light. Replace those old worn out green...

    MSRP: $460.09
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