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Copper Nautical Lights

Many original ships used copper nautical lights due to their resistance to corrosion and longevity.  Many vintage lights as well as some of our reproduction lights use a high quality copper metal in their construction.  Copper will withstand the harsh salt water environment and will eventually turn a nice shade of patina green when left unpolished.


It has been said "copper alloys are metal alloys that have copper as their principal component. They have high resistance against corrosion. The best known traditional types are bronze, where tin is a significant addition, and brass, using zinc instead".

  • Cargo Copper Beehive Vintage Nautical Light- Large

    Cargo Copper Beehive Vintage Nautical Light- Large

    Vintage original Copper Cargo Ribbed/Beehive Nautical Light-Large A huge, original, Brass and Copper, Cargo Light, with glass lens. The upper portion of the light itself is heavy duty bronze, while the lower portion is rich copper with ridges like a...

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  • copper nautical light copper ship anchor light

    Copper Anchor Lantern-Extra Large

    An Extra Large Copper Anchor Lantern. We have some in highly polished form and some in patina finish. These are perfect for your cupola, widow's watch, front entrance or even front entrance way pillars.   Approximately 22" high (not counting the...

    MSRP: $1,067.86
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  • small copper anchor light small copper ship lantern

    Copper Anchor Lantern-Small

    Decorative copper anchor light with fresnel lens- Small This is a nice reproduction solid copper small anchor light with solid glass fresnel lens. This is a very nice decorative item. Dimensions:  11" tall (13 1/4" with the bail up) and 5 3/8"...

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  • Dual Copper Hooded Nautical Piling Marine Light Dual Copper Hooded Nautical Piling Marine Light

    Dual Copper Hooded Nautical Piling Marine Light

    Dual Copper Hooded Nautical Piling Marine Light This is a super heavy-duty, dual lens and dual copper hooded piling light. The fixture is solid marine grade bronze and has dual heavy duty copper hoods.  Dimensions: 11" Height, 7.5"...

  • copper bowl hanging light copper nautical light

    Hanging Copper Plated Deep Bowl Light

    Copper plated pendant deep bowl light with antiqued patina accents. Comes with a standard 3/4" NPT female thread.  We can add a brass eye loop for use with optional chain an canopy kit. We can also provide an antiqued rigid copper drop for an...

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  • copper nautical shade light hanging copper shade light

    Hanging Copper Shade Nautical Light

    Vintage copper shade hanging nautical light This is an original light salvaged from the old ships in the 1950s to 1960s era. A very rare original copper hooded hanging light. These are original lights off the old ships and will have some "character"...

    MSRP: $641.99
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  • US Navy hanging hooded ship light US Navy hanging ship light

    Hanging Hooded US Navy Ship Light- Large

    Vintage original hanging hooded US Navy ship light - Large   SOLD un-wired- original socket still inside Rare original vintage US Navy Vintage Copper Hooded Passageway light. This would be perfect for hanging in a kitchen, front porch or boat...

    MSRP: $748.99
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  • nautical pendant hand blown glass marine anchor light

    Marine hand blown glass marine anchor ship light

    Hand blown glass marine anchor light pendant.  This nautical pendant light is from Europe and features all hand blown glass with a wire protective cage. This neat nautical light is prefect for over your restaurant booth, dining room table, kitchen...

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  • marine hanging ship's light nautical ship's light pendant

    Marine Onion Globe Nautical Ship's Style Light

    Marine Onion shaped nautical hanging ship's light. This is a truly neat hanging light. Constructed of copper, oxidized brass with a hand blown 360 degree amber colored lens. Dimensions: 12" high 7.5" diameter. Bulb/Lamp type and max...

    MSRP: $641.99
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  • Nautical wave shade sconce light

    Nautical Wave Shade Copper Sconce Marine Light

    Nautical grade bronze and copper marine sconce light.  Solid copper shade is styled from the old vintage marina look.  The copper and bronze will eventually turn a nice shade of patina.  These nautical sconce lights work well for front...

    MSRP: $641.99
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